Johan Carøe - Lovesongs

Release date: October 11, 2019
Cat. No.: NTQ002
Format: Digital/Vinyl

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Soundtrack composer and producer Johan Carøe unveils anxiety-fuelled debut album, ’Lovesongs’

Having previously collaborated with Angelo Badalementi on the movie ‘Gold Coast’, The Danish producer will release his debut album on October 11. It’s an angry release filled with big questions and even bigger sounds.

Not too long ago, Johan Carøe used to bridge the gap between image and sound with ethereal scores for a long range of movies and documentaries like Daniel Dencik’s Gold Coast and Jesper Dalgaard’s Übermensch. On October 11, the Copenhagen producer will release his brooding debut album, 'Lovesongs', through his community imprint No Technique.

A collection of haunting and damaging pieces, ‘Lovesongs’ is a catharsis for the wearied soul and purification for the wasted mind. Throughout all seven tracks, the Red Bull Music Academy-graduate shows no fear for discord, as the manipulated orchestra sounds rub shoulders with ambient soundscapes.

On any other day, an album title like 'Love Songs' would indicate a compilation of soft rock-ballads, but to Johan Carøe, 'Lovesongs' is an esoteric work of dark ambience; a textured depth of synths and organic elements; an instrumental album built with anger and melancholy.

When Johan Carøe began recording ‘Lovesongs’ two years ago, the ‘Gold Coast’ composer like many others felt that the whole world was in tatters. Anxious, angry and apathetic, Johan Carøe began recording as a way of coping with the inability to redress what was going on around him.

Here, he joined forces with collaborators from soundtrack work – Nils Gröndahl, Maria Martine Jagd, and Clara Tesch on violins; Nicole Hogstrand on viola da gamba, and Mads Kjøller-Henningsen playing flutes – and processed, programmed, pitched and bended their material into a blurry, restless wall of sound.

“I really felt the need to punish my plugins”, Johan Carøe says of the recording process, and so he did with great determination. Having asked questions big and small throughout the album about war, religion, technology and not least his own existence, Johan Carøe restores a last-minute hope for the future on the beautiful and Vangelis-esque closing track, ‘I Love You’.

Johan Carøe holds a master’s degree in film music and film composition, he is a Red Bull Music Academy-graduate from the 2016 class in Montreal, and he has expressed his awe and admiration for the Bedroom Community-sound and for contemporary composers like Tim Hecker and Kara-Lis Coverdale. It is safe to say that ‘Lovesongs’ is placing itself close to these associates. Comparisons aside, the unshackled intensity of ‘Lovesongs’ and the detailed patchwork makes for a highly ambitious and beautiful debut album.

01. Is this right
02. Rozy
03. If you fight you lose
04. Reset
05. Hail satan
06. So many Gods
07. I love you

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